Three Essential Programs for Your Computer

Many of us use our computers for a wide variety of purposes including work, entertainment and communication. While you can use a computer for a whole range of tasks, it mostly depends on which programs you use. Many of us do not use our computers in a particularly efficient manner, partly due to the fact that we can never decide which programs we should have installed. Here are three completely free programs which almost any computer should have.

1 – Skype

Many people are familiar with Skype and those who aren’t are probably missing out on something which could be very useful to them. Skype is one of the most popular free communications programs. User-friendly and easy to install, Skype allows you to communicate byway of instant messaging, computer-to-computer phone calls, computer-to-phone calls and video chatting or conferencing.

While Skype itself is completely free, it also offers some paid services which are very competitively priced compared to the other options. These are particularly useful if you regularly send SMS messages or make calls abroad. Using Skype to send SMSs or call mobile or I and line numbers abroad is often the cheapest option, being far more affordable than phoning from a regular landline or mobile phone. The prices depend only on where you are calling and not on where you are calling from. provides detailed information on costs of messages and calls to almost every country and territory in the world.

2 – WinRAR

Since Millennium all later versions of Windows natively provide the ability to read ZIP files, the most popular compression format around today. However, you cannot create your own compressed archives or work with other formats without a third-party program. WinRAR is one of the most popular solutions, since it supports all of the major formats. Other options include WinZip and 7zip which all do much the same thing.

If you download anything from the Internet or you have people regularly sending you compressed archives by email, WinRAR or another file compression utility is a must have. It allows you to make files or entire folders full of files into a single compressed file, making it suitable for sending over the Internet or distributing in any other way.

3 – WordWeb

Having a full dictionary, thesaurus and mini-encyclopedia at your disposal at all times is very convenient for most of us. If you need to look up a quick-fact online or offline or you need to check a spelling, WordWeb is ideal. WordWeb is a very small application which can be configured to run unobtrusively at system start-up so that you can easily access its features whenever you want. You can look up anything in WordWeb simply by pressing CTRL and right-clicking your mouse at any time. When you do this, the entry will appear right in front of you. A paid “Pro” version is also available, which provides the ability to add additional custom dictionaries to the program.

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