Online Gambling – More Bane Than Boon

How is online gambling different from gambling?

Online gambling or gambling is a speculation which takes place at the premise of the casinos or the gambling house between two or more people who bet for winning on one thing or the other. Gambling is an activity which exists from the mists of time. One can normally bet for the team winning a cricket match or play poker or bet on horse racing and either you win or lose in such gambling. It is simply betting physically or through a proxy for exchanging of bets between two or more people. With the advent of online gambling, the indulgence into gambling is far easier now. The gamblers can be in contact with each other through internet. You can play poker, bet on horse racing or a sports event, online casinos, online lotteries, online bingo rooms and mobile gambling. Thus, speculation through internet is an easy task for the lovers of gambling. The removal of your presence from the premise of betting and shifting it to your home screens is the only difference between online gambling and gambling. Thus, online gambling has led to a drastic increase in the number of players worldwide. People generally indulge in gambling for entertainment and for money. But money is actually the main reason for approaching to gambling. If monetary factor is removed as a cause of playing then it simply refers to gaming.

What are the detrimental effects of online gambling?

The risk of loss of your finances is the main issue behind the online gambling. People get addicted to gambling and if they can play it 24 hours, the addiction rate can well be imagined. As we know that, online gambling is mere exchange of bets in which one will bet on the happening of an event and the loss is always in monetary terms. In order to recover the financial loss, one will again and again indulge in betting. Thus, it may result in even bigger loss of money, inheritance, savings and even your house and so on. Thus the phenomenon attached to it is merely psychological, which needs to be treated at times. The risk of your credit details being leaked online is also a risk attached to it. Online gambling may lead to other health disorders too, physical as well as mental, as one has to behave sedentary for a long time. You also waste your time by playing online gambling. This time could be well used in some more constructive endeavours.

Should online gambling be banned?

Online gambling can be banned by the government but only in its own country. So government can block some of the leading sites but it is still a lot easy for the online gambling companies to set up their business in the countries which have very friendly licensing regulations. And people may use such foreign websites even though it would result in breaking the laws. Thus it is my view that it is essential to make online gambling illegal or regulate it on a worldwide basis because of its psychological phenomenon of addiction, high level of corruption attached to it, difficulty in tracking of criminal cash and threatening of sportsmen. Serious steps should be taken to ban online gambling, at least the one not fully regulated and monitored.

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