Planning to Visit Rio de Janeiro? – Find Out the Best Places to Visit

If you plan on traveling to Rio de Janeiro Brazil, it is worth taking a look at the most beautiful places this wonderful city has to offer for its tourists.

I have friends who have visited this Brazilian famous city and always returned there the next year because they have never had enough of it and the beauties this place unfolds for its visitors. In fact, vacationing for one week is not sufficient to satisfy your curiosity and also your need of relaxation that any of us plan on getting while spending one’s vacation.

Not to mention that you will want to make the most of each of the following places which are worth visiting while touring in Rio de Janeiro Brazil:

  • Copacabana beach is the place where you get a view that combines both mountain and bay. You have the sands stretching on almost 3 km looking out at Guanabara Bay and displaying a great view of Pao de Acucar (Sugarloaf Mountain). The place offers all sorts of accommodation at various prices to suit each and every budget and needs. You can get a hold of some historic information from the forts that are located at each end of the beach stripe.
  • Pao de Acucar – Sugarloaf Hill – is actually a peak of granite and quartz measuring 396 m in height and you can go there by taking a cable car that is all made of glass to enable you see a breathtaking view over Rio de Janeiro that you won’t ever forget. You can get a tour in this cable car that lasts for no more than 20 minutes, but this entire time you will be left with moments that truly worth living and remembering.
  • Parque Nacional da Tijuca – Tijuca National Park – is another nature beauty that you can visit while touring through Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This park spreads over almost 4,000 acres displaying a beauty of nature that can be hardly described in words. It is the nature at its best with forest areas where Mother Nature has its playground.

    Various grottos, waterfalls, lakes, jungle areas unfold under your eyes wishing that you never leave the place. With every turn you take in this park there is a surprising exposure of nature that enchants your senses and eyes. Make sure that you never leave Rio de Janeiro without visiting this park and take some photos from its exotic places.

  • Corcovado is the name of the granite peak where Christ the Redeemer statue is located. This peak measures 710 m height and is located in Tijuca forest with the statue measuring 38 m overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro. You can get to the platform up there and take a view of the city that again leaves your senses numb with beauty and uniqueness.

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