What Exactly is an RSS Feed?

The computer world has advanced dramatically courtesy of breakthrough technology!

Just a few short years ago, few tech gurus would have believed that laypeople and professionals alike would have access to revolutionary technology to customise the web to their expectations. It is largely thanks to visionaries in the high-tech arena that users the world over can now tailor their website experience to expectations. One of the most talked about concepts with regards to personal browsing is that of the rss feed. This is essentially a means of subscribing to a new site, sports site, website and the like to receive updates from the provider. However, the conventional RSS feed is limited in scope, by its manual nature. There are improved and enhanced ways to gain personalised information from the Internet without having to manually subscribe/unsubscribe to/from RSS feeds.

Technology and Computers get a New Lease on Life!

The new age has dawned and web browsers are no longer static interfaces between the user and the World Wide Web. Now, it is entirely possible to have specialised software – artificial intelligence software – pull very specific information from the net and bring it to your screen. This process of instantly sifting through terabytes of information is achieved by way of highly sophisticated software programs. Users are assured of 100% safe, secure and private browsing, all within the ambit of a customised online experience. A quick and easy download and installation is all it takes to bring you up to speed!

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