Give Summer a Great Sendoff – 6 Great Things to Do This Labor Day

For many of us the Labor Day holiday is a bittersweet time of year. While the thought of a long holiday weekend is a welcome break for any nine to fiver, those workers also realize that Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. That means all those picnics, backyard barbecues and other fun events are quickly coming to an end for another year. So why not give summer one last hurrah by enjoying a great Labor Day holiday with your friends and family?

While there is no one definitive list of fun Labor Day activities, we present here, in no particular order, a list often great things to do when this year’s Labor Day holiday rolls around.

1) Be the hero of the neighborhood – host a great Labor Day barbecue. No Labor Day celebration would be complete without a thick juicy steak, a rack or ribs or at least some good old fashioned hamburgers and hot dogs So why not invite your friends, family members and neighbors over for a delicious holiday feast? You can be king of the grill while everyone relaxes and has a great end of summer blowout.

2) Enjoy a picnic in the park – if you’re not up to cooking for the whole neighborhood why not grab your picnic basket, pack some sandwiches and some cold drinks and head off to your local park. Lay down a blanket, enjoy some great food and maybe even some wine. Whether you enjoy a fun day as a family or a romantic picnic under the full moon you will certainly have a great time.

natural sceane3) Visit your local state or national park – many of us live near a state or national park, and yet we may never visit these natural treasures. Why not make this Labor Day weekend the time to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

4) Hang out by the pool – the coming of Labor Day means that pool season will soon be over, and in fact many public pools and private swim clubs lock their doors after Labor Day has passed. So why not grab your bathing suit and enjoy one last splash in the cool waters of your local pool?

5) Start a neighborhood volleyball game – if you’ve got a volleyball net in the backyard but no players why not ask the neighbors over for a fun pickup game? If you thought the days of pickup games ended with your childhood, think again. A neighborhood game of volleyball, horseshoes or other fun activity may just become an annual Labor Day tradition.

6) Take in a Labor Day parade – many of us forget that Labor Day was originally established to honor the sacrifice of the workers who make our nation so great. Why not start a new tradition with a trip to your local Labor Day parade. You can enjoy some fun in the sun, eat some great food and maybe even learn something about the history of the labor movement.

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