Three Essential Programs for Your Computer

Many of us use our computers for a wide variety of purposes including work, entertainment and communication. While you can use a computer for a whole range of tasks, it mostly depends on which programs you use. Many of us do not use our computers in a particularly efficient manner, partly due to the fact […]

Step Back in Time – with a Visit to Mongolia

Mongolia may not be the first name that comes to mind when one thinks about vacation destinations, but maybe it should be. This unique country offers a rich history, friendly people and a unique way of life. Lovers of the outdoors are sure to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and adventurous travelers will find plenty of […]

Holiday Budgeting: Cut the Stress and Overspending

The sound of sleigh bells has quickly come to mean the ka-ching of cash registers. On top of already hectic schedules, Christmas pageants, shopping, decorating, and planning all have to be squeezed in somewhere. It’s enough to make any person desire to sleep until the fifteenth of January, when all the hoopla dies down. Fear […]