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Raccoons: Sharing Our Towns and Our Lives

As more and more wild lands give way to tracts of suburban homes, more and more wild creatures that once called those lands home are finding themselves with nowhere else to go. From bears invading the backyards of suburbia to deer crashing through suburban fences and urban storefronts, clashes between humans and wildlife are becoming […]

The Fine Art of Saying No

Part of the problem of doing too much in your life is in believing that you have to. If you see the need, you should fill it. Right? The children need taxi service; the church needs volunteers; friends need support; spouses need taking care of. What’s in Your Dictionary? When life starts to seem overwhelming, […]

The Habit of Silence

When was the last time you spend an hour in silence? It doesn’t happen often, does it? Most people struggle to find just a few minutes of silence, let alone an entire hour. Consider a typical day you might experience: You wake up in the morning to the sound of your alarm clock, get up, […]