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Tips for Increasing Your Happy Frequency

As you travel through life, you revel in days, weeks, and months of incredible happiness. If you could find a way to duplicate that happy frequency when life is dull or sad, think how rich your life might be! Oscar Levant once said, “Happiness isn’t something you experience; it’s something you remember.” One approach to […]

Online Gambling – More Bane Than Boon

How is online gambling different from gambling? Online gambling or gambling is a speculation which takes place at the premise of the casinos or the gambling house between two or more people who bet for winning on one thing or the other. Gambling is an activity which exists from the mists of time. One can […]

True Humility

Humility is a widely misunderstood term, and if you are looking to better yourself, you will need to learn to cultivate true humility and avoid the negative things that can be described by it. In this article we’ll go into how. The Meaning Of True Humility In this day and age it’s common to hear […]